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From the 4th of March, 2024 to the 11th of March, 2024 the Jhamtani team observed the 53rd National Safety Week in the workplace. The theme of the 53rd National Safety Day was: “FOCUS ON SAFETY LEADERSHIP FOR ESG EXCELLENCE.” The EHS department actively participated to make this event a huge success.

National Safety Day, celebrated annually on 4th March, was initiated in response to the rapid industrialization in India after independence, which led to a surge in accidents due to the absence of safety guidelines. The Labour Minister’s Conference in 1962 recommended the establishment of the National Safety Council to address this issue. This proposal was endorsed in 1966, and since then, 4th March has been observed as National Safety Day. Its purpose is to emphasise safety across all aspects of life, with nationwide awareness campaigns conducted annually.

The Jhamtani team was out in full form and honoured the National Safety Week by following all the awareness activities recommended by the Labour Ministry. The purpose of observing the day was to renew our commitments towards safety in all spheres of life. The massive safety awareness campaign took place at Jhamtani and all members were a part of it.

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